Ted Williams story, the man with the golden voice

Inspirational Story of Ted Williams: Man with a Golden Voice and Self-worth and Value

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Ted Williams’s story is indeed an inspiring one.

Tad Williams, a man from Brookline, New York, Famed as the ‘ man with the golden voice’ has gone to Hollywood from homeless, drinking Grey Goose from drinking rotgut in a matter of minutes to a sober full-time worker from heroin addiction to a generous fellow from penniless and from nothing to something in just a twinkle of eyes.

A man who, like Job in the Bible, has never lost hope in himself even in the misery that he brought upon.

The ‘ man with the golden voice’ was holding a help sign in a highway intersection in Columbus, Ohio, with “I have a god-given gift of voice. I’m an ex-radio announcer, who has fallen on a hard time, please! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you and God bless you”, became an inspirational figure once overcame the misery.

Even though he was already a radio announcer in Columbus, he grew antipathy towards his career and fell into drug and alcohol abuse.

Ted Williams From Brooklyn Is Famously Known As ‘ Man With Golden Voice announces running for governor as a Democrat.

Soon he found himself involved in petty crimes and was evicted, consequently homeless. To survive and to satisfy his need for drugs he stole food from the nearby stores and things to sell. Started ignoring my family. Server prison terms a couple of times. Lived about 20 years in the street.

He co-authored the memoir A Golden Voice: How Faith, Hard Work, and Humility Brought Me from the Streets to Salvation with New York Times best-selling author Bret Witter.

Nevertheless, overnight Ted became a YouTube sensation thanks to a videographer named Doral Chenoweth who was interested in Ted Williams’ voice and asked him to say something while he was standing and asking for help holding a sign in the busy highway intersection. Doral posted the video on the Columbus-based daily newspaper The Columbus Dispatch in January 2011.

A homeless decade ago, he announced to run for governor as a Democrat, as early as 2021.

Do not be afraid; our fate cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.

Dante Alighieri

Italian poet and writer Dante Alighieri wrote: “Do not be afraid; our fate Cannot be taken from us; it is a gift.” Williams went on a field trip to meet his favourite radio announcer in his area in his early 14.

Then he realised they did not look like the way they sound. “Radio is defined theatre of the mind” answered his favourite announcer when asked if they do not look the way they soul: handsome or beautiful, perhaps. Williams decided to develop his voice over the years afterwards, because of his look, he cannot be an actor or an impressive figure. During his hard time ‘ man with the golden voice’, deep inside his heart discovered his own significance, the significance of his voice: the only asset he developed with much inspiration during his field trip. The asset that helped him reincarnate as a great man of compassion and greater purpose in his life, is to serve humanity.

He is not a good-looking man to be a film star, but no matter what happened in his life all he wanted is to be get back in the business as a voiceover artist.

During imprisonment, Williams entertained his fellow convicts with fake radio advertisements.

Importantly, soon after the videos went viral, ‘Man with Golden Voice’ got offers for a job from the news-based television cable channel, ESPN and many more places as a full-time voiceover operative.

All the TV shows and networks all of a sudden crumbled over him from around the world.

Ted Williams Story: a lesson for mediocre

He says he was overwhelmed, paralysed with fear, paralysed success did not know what it feels in any given time, emotion surfaced out of nowhere, all through his homeless day he never cried, now all of a sudden he obtained what he cried for and became an emotional wreck, things happened too much and too fast that.

Along with being committed to his work, Ted Williams dedicated his money and efforts to various philanthropy works.

Felt the need to lead the homeless, who was once homeless. With an altered heart, he did not want people to see him as a man who was once addicted to substance abuse but wanted to impact others’ lives as well. Reincarnated, Ted Williams decided not to abandon his principle. His genuine acts for humanity are visible many where in the US.

He dreams of building a laundromat, where homeless people can wash and dry their clothes.

The life, fall and rise of Ted Williams apparently teach us one important lesson—that the gift you have already realized is indestructible as long as you cherish the desire to uphold its integrity. What we are fated for cannot be taken away only if we are aware of it. Sometimes, in the journey of life fall become an inevitable part of it in order to make realise what we really worth. Fall comes to take us to another level of prosperity.

The creator of Sherlock Holm Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle said: “Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.”

In the world of success and achievement-driven happiness, mediocrity gets not expected attention.

We all are on a constant journey of success where every step we take, every man we meet and every relationship we formulate serves a particular purpose as a network of mutual necessity.

Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but talent instantly recognizes genius.

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle

Williams has been accepted and accolated not because of his look, but because of the superiority of the quality of his voice. Organisations or endeavours that thought his voice might be used as a commodity came forward.

The rest is history, Williams found a place on Wikipedia as an announcer, radio personality, voice-over artist, sportscaster, philanthropist and author.

The obvious fact is that in the world of commodification, our success and achievement are mostly based on the superiority of gifts, or say, skills, not on human sympathy.

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