Beauty and Shamelessness of Love: When Shamelessness In Love Is a Quality of a Great Lover

Beauty and Shamelessness of Love: When Shamelessness In Love Is a Quality of a Great Lover

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Shamelessness in love is the audacity to express your emotions without restraint, defying the rumours of doubt with the cries of passion.

Love, when stripped of shame, becomes a powerful force that transcends boundaries, forging a connection that withstands the scrutiny of the world. In matters of the heart, shamelessness is the courage to pursue love without fear of judgment. In the realm of love, unrequited or requited, shamelessness is the key that unlocks the possibility of profound intimacy, allowing the hearts of a man and a woman to dance freely without the weight of judgment of others.

Love without shame is a melody that resonates in the chambers of the heart, echoing with the freedom to express, feel, and connect.

To love shamelessly is to be unafraid of the journey, knowing that every step taken in the name of love is a step toward a life well-lived on one’s own terms.

To love shamelessly is to be unafraid of the journey, knowing that every step taken in the name of love is a step toward a life well-lived on one’s own terms.

Love is a complex emotion that often follows a fine line between vulnerability and shamelessness in the realm of romance where shamelessness is perceived as bold disregard for societal customs or personal shame in celebration of one’s affection towards someone with no regard to apology.

In a world where conformity often decrees the acceptable boundaries of love, the shameless lover boldly defies these limitations. They cast aside the fear of judgment to openly express their feelings, disclosing the depths of their emotions without concern for the opinions of others. This shamelessness in love is also a testimony to the authenticity and intensity of their connection, transcending the boundaries of societal expectations. Shamelessness turns out to be a trait of pride when the fact of stalking or eve-teasing might be considered a valour if the shameless stalker is persistent, consistent, defiant, powerful, and socioeconomically good.

Nevertheless, the notion of shamelessness in love is like a double-edged sword when it embodies the courage to embrace love without obstacles, fostering a profound and genuine connection between individuals on one hand, it may be supposed as an irresponsible or impulsive behaviour, challenging the conventional wisdom that often tempers the expression of romantic feelings, on the other.

Shamelessness in love may involve an unfiltered, unrestrained expression of passion that can be both exhilarating and uncomfortable or awkward to the observers.

The shameless lover may be viewed as a nonconformist, someone who refuses to be confined by societal norms or the expectations of others.

If you recall, you may realise that all of the great love stories began with shameless approaches towards someone or in shamelessness and harassment. It’s either a man or woman who desires someone shamelessly in their journey of survival. There is always a correlation between successful love stories and shamelessness. What we define as stalking or eve-teasing has something to do with romantic heroism and love.

In literature and art, the theme of shamelessness in love has been characterised by innumerable writers, creators and novelists. Characters who embody shamelessness in love often become catalysts for change, challenging the status quo and inspiring others to break free from the shackles of convention. Without shamelessness, there is no expression of how someone loves someone. In order to show one’s feelings towards someone, one needs to express it without hesitation, unashamed and meaning shamelessly, without fear of judgement of race, religion, caste, creed, ideology, ethnicity, nationality, societal station, personal prejudices, and familial objections.

In Asian culture pursuing someone consistently and constantly means expressing one’s feelings to the prospective lover or beloved which reinforces the idea of one’s seriousness and a strong desire to take hold on to the expected. 

In fact, some women want their lovers to be shameless and unashamed, fearless, daunting, intimidating, and rowdy in pursuing them relentlessly while being concerned about the stigma of stalking or eve-teasing can be translated as timidity.

Men too in our culture believe that they must be consistent and constantly irate or try to win the girl their eyes fell on until she gives in or surrenders.

The trait is counted as part of manhood and the men with this kind of quality often get rewarded with the highest award, a woman of their dreams. However, nature has something to do with why women fall in love with violent and shameless, characterless men, or what “opposite-attract” has to do with natural selection, and why captives fall for captors birthing “Stockholm Syndrome”. Most of the cinemas and cheap dramas in the world are based on shamelessness in love which otherwise can be seen as harassment or stalking.

The idea is that in order to win someone’s love, especially of a woman, a man must be shameless in flirting, showing off, taking undue credit in something, enduring social shame, taking rejections not into consideration, or not being offended by rejections and failure while it can be translated as “pillar of success”.

Men tend to take women’s No as Yes, as if in the patriarchy women’s NO cannot be taken literally. Because, in some cultures, women are perceived to be inferior beings and so are her choices, therefore rejection or decline of a romantic proposal is just a one step forward to winning her.

He simply requires to be unashamed in the entire affair, which I can never do.

In fact, it is equally true that women appreciate an intelligent man and a man with appreciable character, and yet she is ready to couple with someone characterless for both reasons either for fortune or his shamelessness which she may view as a trait of protection of her progeny.

All of the great love stories in subcontinental history are replete with shamelessness where we see lovers to wait for as long as a decade, especially in terms of unrequited love, for the beloved to respond or to see the fruits of following her. You may define this kind of shamelessness psychologically from personal experience. But how you define love, sacrifice and madness totally depends on the possible social gains you expect from a relationship.  

As I have experienced, only shameless lovers become winners of romantic love. Many scrupulous people with a strong sense of self-worth and higher self-esteem shy away from building romantic relationships once rejected.

They see rejections as a signal of an end to seeking love in someone. Women do not like people who are not to ready to sacrifice some degree of self-worthiness, pride, prejudice and personality to get her. Yet, still, presenting shamelessly exaggerated self-worthiness, pride, prejudice and personality can be used as bait for the hook.  People nowadays, with strong and well-regulated minds are the ones who die single or plunge themselves into loveliness, and are likely to be termed as unsocial.

Having said that, the dilemma of being shameless or unashamed or being concerned or shy is duel. Depending on cultural perspective, being too much persuasive to following a woman can be viewed as characterless while not being persuasive can be seen as cowardliness.

According to Asian culture, remaining a virgin until marriage is considered to be a matter of cultural pride while remaining a virgin after becoming an adult is considered to be a relational flaw.

I think what Margaret Atwood thinks is quite right. She says, “The way love feels is always only approximate. I would like to be without shame.

I would like to be shameless. I would like to be ignorant. Then I would not know how ignorant I was.”

When love and attraction toward someone catches one’s eye, he or she does care of his/her social status, upbringing and level.

The only thing they desire is to be pursued or pursued. In the 1990 Hollywood film Pretty Woman, we see the protagonist Edward fall in love with a free-spirited Hollywood prostitute.

The way love feels is always only approximate. I would like to be without shame. I would like to be shameless. I would like to be ignorant. Then I would not know how ignorant I was.

Tyrion Lannister’s beloved wife in Game of Thrones was a prostitute for whom he did not hesitate to kill his father. Charlotte Bronte’s novel Jane Eyre explores the love story of an unrequited love where an orphaned, poor, obscure governess falls in love with her employer. Many people confess to falling in love with prostitutes. As Virgil’s “fortune favours the bold”, shamelessness awards shameless in the long run.

I know of a girl whom I know from her infancy till her 20th spring when she decides to no longer remain who she was to me and who I am to her. I carried her many times in my arms while she was a toddler. As time passed by, she learned to accept me as equal to her father with respect and reverence. Things started to fall apart when this little creature began to explore love and the lovely feeling of being in love. First, she sought love among her peers and familiar boys within her race. Being someone from a minority, she had to maintain some sort of religious boundary.

Unfortunately, she endured rejections from the boys of her race that broke her heart and began to find love by going beyond the approved boundary.

In a culture where she needed not to be so desperate to pursue men, but to be pursued, she did the unusual by shamelessly pursuing men.

Her shamelessness paid her off well. Her gambling has been rewarding. She found someone from a different religious background and shamelessly pursued him stigmatising her family values and deserting everyone who was once around her with deep affection and love. What breaks my heart is the way she shamelessly followed her heart’s desire to find her love and started considering us a bunch of meddling strangers as if she were never known to me or I to her.

That is the nature of true love, I guess and if there is any. Shamelessness is a prerequisite to conquering all the obstacles between the lover and beloved which eventually evolve as a great love story. Norwegian Nobel Prize-winning writer Knut Hamsun just said, “Alas, love turns the human heart into a mildewed garden, a lush and shameless garden in which grow mysterious, obscene toadstools.” The shamelessness of love makes shamelessly shameless strangers.

True love is shameless; it cares not for the opinions of others but thrives on the authenticity of its expression.

Shamelessness in love is the art of baring your soul without hesitation, allowing the purity of affection to shine through the cracks of vulnerability.

Above all, shamelessness in love is a deeply personal choice—one that requires a delicate balance between authenticity and sensitivity to the feelings of others. It is an exploration of the boundaries of love, a journey that challenges preconceived notions and invites individuals to embrace the full spectrum of human emotion without reservation or shame. In this dance between vulnerability and audacity, the shameless lover seeks a love that is not confined by the expectations of society but instead flourishes in the boundless realm of authenticity.

Live long shamelessness and the shameless. Live long love.

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